The Five cosmetic surgery with more risk of complications

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Plastic surgeons say that many women Gudalajara search on Google medical miracles that promise cheap but often are not trained or licensed products are placed. Some of the most common complications of cosmetic surgery often depend on that. Further, the patient’s health status and even if you are depressed. Fam? Francisco, president of the Plastic Surgery Society of Buenos Aires, listed the five operations in which they appear more complications. But it is a clarification: it is not only serious. In fact, the most common are bruising, asymmetry, infection and abnormal scars.

* Surgery posbari?trica: “It is after someone lost more than 40 kilos and is a great excess skin and tissue. It has the greatest rate of complications can be between 15 and 20%,” explained Fam? . The plastic surgeon Daniel Felix added: “It is risky because a lot of tissue is removed and there is great loss of blood. In addition, obese people always have more risk of injury do not close well and get infections.”

* Tummy tuck (surgery to reduce excess fat in the abdomen), “The most common complications are infections and hematomas are formed when some vessels bleed after surgery. If there is no more surgery to clean and close the bleeding vessel, “said Felix.

* Mammaplasty reductive (shrinking breasts) “may appear bruised and more problems with general anesthesia and can cause keloids. Sometimes you have to return to operating time,” said Jorge Patan?, chief of plastic surgery at Hospital Fernandez. Felix added: “Besides the risk of infection, add the necrosis of the areola and nipple. When the breasts are reduced, the complex is supplied by two arteries it is normally supplied by four, then may become necrotic. If it happens, must return to form a nipple skin on the other hand, as the leg or the vulva. If the woman is chronic smoker has more risk. ”

* Facelift (stretching the skin of the face) “may appear hematomas, infections, skin necrosis and, if the doctor’s malpractice, nerve damage,” said Felix.

* Liposuction (fat removal from the body through vacuum): According to Felix, “there are risks of bruising, infection and pulmonary embolism (one case in 1,000), which occurs when a globule of fat is on a blood vessel clogs lungs. ”

In the last four surgeries, complications do not exceed 5%. Experts warn that long, as in any operation, there is a risk margin. And in these cases are enhanced by other factors. “A patient with poorly controlled diabetes, heart problems or hypertension difficult to manage is not a good candidate,” said Patan. Fam? added, “Nor those with a history of clotting disorders and allergies, or those who seek to address the loss of a spouse or lack of job opportunities through an operation.”

But many complications depend on “today operates without any professional experience, many clinics and clinics not equipped with intensive care,” said Patan. The plastic surgeon Latorre Cristian Perez concluded: “Many patients take it as going to the hairdresser and that is the major complication. Some people die because they found an Internet chanta injected liquid silicone in the buttocks and knees. And that not controlled by anyone. ”

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